Large live area and separate isolated booths, simultaneous tracking of 30+ audio channels, flexible headphone distribution, good selection of microphones.


We offer mostly in-the-box mixing and have large selection of plugins and virtual instruments to accomodate various musical styles.


We do mastering for different musical styles (rock, pop, classical, etc.) and desired output targets (CDs, Hi-Res, iTunes, MP3, or other digital distribution), or specific LUFS loudness and sampling rate.

Composing and Arranging

We can help with arranging, composing, and recording various instruments by contracting local and remote talented musicians that we know.

Audio Production

We do not offer CD production (just cannot compete with Internet bulk-printing companies), we just prepare DDP packages and RedBook CD masters ready for printing.

Video Production

We can do limited on-site indoor or outdoor promo videos or photo shoots. Althought we do not offer full video production services ourselves, we can contract professionals for particular projects.
Paradise Recording Studio