Welcome to Paradise Recording Studio

Paradise Recording Studio We are a professional recording studio dedicated to developing and fine tuning your skills as an artist. We offer music produciton and sound engineering services, including recorgig, mixing, mastering. Our studio is a relaxing, comfortable and spacious facility. That was designed with incredible recording minded functionality. We are located on beautiful Paradise Acres Estate in Seminole, Pinellas County, Florida, next to Largo, not far from Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa. Specializing in acoustics, instruments and voices we offer a very wide variety of high-end microphones, compressors, eq's and preamps. We have a huge live room with an extremely relaxing atmosphere capable of doing orchestras or even large choirs. In addition rooms for isolating and tracking additional instrumentation simultaneously. Our studios have the ability to produce music for artists in almost every genre of music available today. Everything is done in ProTools HD, so even extremely complicated mixes are savable and limitless. This together with highly experienced and incredibly versatile engineers, that enjoy the challenge of everything from delicate detailed pieces to the largest most intricate sessions. These key factors gives us an ability to take on multiple extensive and complicated projects in sequence, without a limited schedule. A fair portion of our business has been mixing songs recorded in other studios, primarily because of how detailed our mixes translate. With in-house mastering capabilities we are able to work on your project quickly, efficiently and accurately at a discounted rate in comparison to outsourcing. An abundant supply frequency analyzation capabilities and tools in the hands of extremely advanced engineers, who reassure delivery of the balanced, maximized, commercial sound required in this business. As the final product relase we can provide DDP 2.0 (Disc Description Protocol) or CD masters ready fopr printing. Whether you are recording a song, radio show, podcast or a voiceover, rest assured we have it covered. We pride ourselves on the ability to produce high quality recordings in the most relaxed settings. For us, the mix is everything. Our studio's are equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and plug-ins which will have your music sounding better than you could ever have imagined. For those who prefer to record music from the comforts of their own home, we also offer an online mixing service. Send us your files, and we'll make the music sound as if you recorded it right here. The studio equipment is constantly being updated to ensure that the production techniques constantly improve and offer relevant, industry standard, quality recordings. We work with vocalists, bands, voiceover artists, songwriters and musicians. We produce singles, albums, mix tapes and voice reels. At the local Paradise Recording studio we do our best to create a friendly, relaxing and enjoyable environment, as it is extremely important to us that our clients feel comfortable and happy working with us. We would love to hear about your project, introduce you to our team and show you our facilities. The Paradise Acres Estate park offers beautiful clams environment where you can relax before performance. It is incredibly dificult to have a flat rate when it comes to mixing a song, demo or even an album. With all the variables, we would rather have a better understanding of you and your project. We really do want to give you the best price and over all outcome possible. This rate includes one of our talented, passionate, highly skilled engineers and the use of any necessary studio equipment or instruments. Call for package rates and available group and student discounts, hourly rates can be reduced further the longer session lengths are increased. We have a very well rounded team of experienced and professional producers available with decades of experience, who specialize in curtain styles of music. Depending on the project as well as the producer needed, the prices will range making it difficult to figure accurately.